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Each of us in our lives has happened to get an unwanted call. Probably it was a phone survey, a sales offer or even worse a scam. Now you can try to see who's on the other side of the phone. Search for a phone number in our database, read reviews and avoid an unwanted call. All this for free without any costs or restrictions.

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There are thousands of phone numbers in our database. Each of them contains information about which country the number comes from, its security level and most importantly, trusted opinions of other users.

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Have you been called by an unknown number? Did he try to fool you or deceive you? Thanks to our website you can report such a number and warn other users about the unpleasantness. Your contribution to our community can make a huge difference.

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Attempting to defraud is one of the most common cases a stranger can call you. Providing sensitive data can have a huge impact on your security. Thanks to our service you may be able to better recognize such attacks and warn other users about similar attacks.

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SPAM TEXT Adult star Nicole Aniston said the number 1 reason shes attracted to a guy-lasting long enough to satisfy her (inserts your first name) satisfie her. DONT CLICK ON LINK!!!!!
Scam text from loser
Pretend to be in US then travelling to your country, where he had problems in immigration. the immigration will contact you to send money
Don’t trust the number
Don't answer this number because it's a scammer
9032416781 fake fake fake
Not safe number
Call came in while i was on another call -- an actual important one. Caller id said "Potential spam" so i obviously didn't switch over to it. Calling it a scam because as far as i'm concerned any call that comes through showing as "Potential spam" is a scam. I don't care who is calling. If you want to get hold of me, you better have an actual name -- either a person or a business -- show up on the caller id or i will call you exactly what i think you are. A scammer. Don't like that? Too bad. And that includes political robocalls, btw -- which should be illegal. You wanna stump for your candidate? You get some volunteer in front of a phone and pay them.
9032416781 fake
Wife got a popup window on her Macbook Air saying to call this number. She was told to download LogMeIn, given a code over the phone to enable it and gave remote control of the laptop to the scammer. Fortunately I was able to get her to disconnect after just a couple of minutes and no malware was found.

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