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caller id: breast cancer pac
Comes from Georgetown says that it is a debt collector and press 1 to talk with agent. Press one and the call disconnects. Never answers. Called back and it says agent will be with you and hangs up.
No message left. Caller hung up (or was blocked, or was a robocaller which got some chump to pick up) after four rings). Caller ID said "Potential Spam".
Calling at least twice a day for the past month. Caller ID shows the call is from Lansdale.
Received a letter, concerning a vehicle warranty. I am 74, never owned one of these type cars, Called # and talked to a person named Ally, told her I had received a lot of these letters, and that I never owned the vehicle stated on letter. Told her I had thrown them away, but figured didn't need to tell her I had refused one and sent it back, didn't help at all. Then she got really rude, and said that my name had gotten crossed with someone in MD with exact name. No one has a name like mine, believe me. The she even got ruder, even if i owned this vehicle, i would never ever do business with this company, Endurance, even though i looked up the number and verified it was a scam. People, please beware.
Assurance insurance Sales area of Cairo, GA.
Caller "Potential Spam" hung up (or was blocked, or was a robocaller) after four rings. One site gave a fake sounding name as the owner. And that name traced back to another number in another state (with the IDENTICAL street and house number -- only the address in the second location was completely fake to go with the name).
I'm sorry but im marrying Cindy u are just shit taking out the garbage u had all this time to make a commitment now get the fuck on fucker peace with your feature relationship
I will fuck ur ass up when u mess with a man's family be prepared to get fucked up
Kim Anderson stop communicating with my wife immediately asshole

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