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Each of us in our lives has happened to get an unwanted call. Probably it was a phone survey, a sales offer or even worse a scam. Now you can try to see who's on the other side of the phone. Search for a phone number in our database, read reviews and avoid an unwanted call. All this for free without any costs or restrictions.

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They want you to call them for windows support but they are not windows technicians.
Some random guy who doesn't leave his name asking us if WE called HIM. Didn't recognize his voice in the message left (which, BTW seemed to have started AFTER he started talking). Didn't recognize the number. CERTAINLY didn't call some 707 area code long distance. Could have been a robocall phishing expedition, so NOT calling back going "Who are YOU?"
Medicare scam.
name shows up as: XXXXXXXXXXX--possible scam, robocall, tel-mkt.
They leave messages saying they are Citizen One Bank and I owe money. I have no account with Citizen One Bank. I called the bank by an official number, not the one they say to call, and they have no association with any of those numbers.
Caller ID flagged this number as "PROBABLY FRAUD" -- but let the call go through ANYWAY. Caller hung up when the answering machine picked up. I've seen three COMPLETELY DIFFERENT carriers on various websites: Leap Wireless (dba Cricket), Telecom Communications America (wholly owned by AT&T) and Verizon Business. Reported the number to the Federal DNC list and ratted out AT&T and Verizon (didn't see the Leap connection till later on). I STRONGLY recommend that everyone else does as well.
"WIRELESS CALLE[R]" hung up when the answering machine kicked in. Didn't recognize the number, and I've found two completely different carriers listed, depending on the website. At first I thought it was someone who had just misdialed -- but NOW? I'm not so sure....
robocall claiming to be collection agency regarding insurance vaccine charges
Keeps calling. I will NOT answer !!!
Scammer. Do not answer and block.

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