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This company charged my account. The company is named Trumuse and this phone number is their phone number. I am not interested in their products. I do not even know what kind of products they sell.
Craigslist housing rental scam
Stop calling me
Called several times a day
It's a major annoyance getting 7 or 8 calls in a minute from this number.
Stating they are hiring for a company called (ELITECH GROUP) and my resume was found on indeed and the hiring process is through google hangout with Christine K (Human Resources) through text and immediately knew it was a scam but I wanted to see how far they would go. Got on google hangout and the "scammer" start asking me questions pertaining to the "job". They finally say they are going send me money by "check" I immediately said na that is not going to work I have done this before and trust I check checks by the bank info that is on it so I will call to verify they immediately started feeling bad (yeah right) and tried to think of another way to send me money and I said well cash app lol and after I said that didn't answer just started speaking about all of the materials I need for a "home office" and I need a new phone blah blah blah. It was funny when I was asked if I could give them my phone account information lol like I would really do some dumb shit like that. Anyway, I said I was on my dad account so I can't do that. Nothing was working lol so they said to speak to me the next day. Next day comes and I was asked to send partial funds to get materials LOL literally telling me to send 200 dollars and finally they sent the LIST of name, contact info, email etc majority of the time that be the list they send in the beginning. Scammers are getting smart now but a dead giveaway is getting on google hangout and texting with no face to face action and that "check" that is sent and the LIST they want you to fill out. They said the day before when I mentioned the check thing that they were not a scam and the whole time I know what's going on. Lastly, I called the number that texted me and they answered but didn't speak or say anything and hung up. I told whoever on google hangout I know you're a scammer and you tried it. I am not sending any money to you and you can gtf on.
This is a scam.
Got an email saying my account was signed into in an unknown device. Called the number and the automated speaker asked if im calling about a debit or credit card.
A very friendly person
Market research
No Coment

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