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Each of us in our lives has happened to get an unwanted call. Probably it was a phone survey, a sales offer or even worse a scam. Now you can try to see who's on the other side of the phone. Search for a phone number in our database, read reviews and avoid an unwanted call. All this for free without any costs or restrictions.

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There are thousands of phone numbers in our database. Each of them contains information about which country the number comes from, its security level and most importantly, trusted opinions of other users.

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Have you been called by an unknown number? Did he try to fool you or deceive you? Thanks to our website you can report such a number and warn other users about the unpleasantness. Your contribution to our community can make a huge difference.

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Attempting to defraud is one of the most common cases a stranger can call you. Providing sensitive data can have a huge impact on your security. Thanks to our service you may be able to better recognize such attacks and warn other users about similar attacks.

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anoying marketing, they call to late in the evening and hang up.
Scammer pretending to be a woman on dating sites. Beware guys.
Hey there I know there's a little bit out of the blue but I'm rich and I'm calling to ask you about this property that I'm looking out online with a group of investors and we're interested in buying a property like that in the walkie in the bext 30 or 60 days were hoping to find one and we're wondering if you have any interest in selling if you can give me a quick call back at 414-644-8019 you can reach me you can reach one of my partners here at 414-644-8019 and would like to make cash offer if we could thank you..."
this number is scam here name caro duncan +1 608-424-2377
848-236-#### crooks
this number is trying to contact people to phish
This number called me under the guise that they were my bank. They had last 4 digits of an account number claiming to be an account from my bank. It was not. It was a account number to a totally different company not affiliated with my bank. Wanted a check or credit card to pay account from 2009. Of which I never had. With some amount I have never heard of. Hung up!
SCAM text gives name julie massey
They sent me something in the mail asking me to call about my extended warranty. When I called the number and told them I was not interested in their "program" they began berating me and kept asking me why I was not going to pay for the program and eventually hung up in my face. Not reputable at all.
Late at night FaceTime with 5 other numbers. I have never answered it.

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