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This number txt me and said I won a free laptop from Amazon

You're looking at a phone number 4243912193 from California. You can find this number in different formats, for example: +14243912193, (424) 391-2193, +1 424-391-2193. The type of this number is Fixed line or mobile and it comes from the +1-424-*** area code. So far, one person has rated this number. This person evaluated the security level of the phone as Scam. If this number called you, you can rate it using one of 6 options: fraud, robocall, telemarketing, market research, opinion poll or safe. By evaluating the number you can warn others of possible danger or ensure that the number they are going to pick up is safe.

Owner information


Context Value
Number type Fixed line or mobile
Carrier Unknown
Country Code US
Location California
Time Zones America - Los Angeles
E164 format +14243912193
National format (424) 391-2193
Without country code prefix 4243912193
International format +1 424-391-2193
RFC3966 format +1 424-391-2193

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This chart shows the activity on the number +14243912193 page over the last 30 days. Increased traffic on the site may suggest that the phone owner is contacting many people who do not know the origin of the phone. This may indicate bad intentions of the number owner.

Country codes

Country Format
United States flag
United States
1 (424) 391-2193
United Kingdom flag
United Kingdom
00 1 424-391-2193
Canada flag
1 (424) 391-2193
Mexico flag
00 1 424-391-2193
Germany flag
00 1 424-391-2193
Brazil flag
+1 424-391-2193
Russia flag
810 1 424-391-2193
China flag
00 1 424-391-2193
Australia flag
0011 1 424-391-2193


Origin country: United States

This map shows the country of origin from which the phone number +14243912193 comes from.

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On this map you can see the locations from which users visiting the phone number page come from. It allows you to find out where the users who are contacted by the number 4243912193 are located.


In this report you can see how many people and which category have rated the phone number 4243912193. By hovering the cursor over a particular bar you can see the exact number of votes voted for the category. With this information you can better understand in what matter the phone owner contacts the people he is calling.

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  • Avatar image of user Josephine



    2020-11-22 19:32

    This number txt me and said I won a free laptop from Amazon

Other numbers comments

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Depressed Lady on 4124706018


    2020-06-18 17:50

    Don't accept anything they say. They are a con artist. They will try to convince you of receiving money and they steal yours

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    jeff on 2819165666


    2020-09-09 13:45

    guys is annoying saying he is buying my car online then does not perform

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Bob on 6282512861


    2020-08-10 13:56

    raud. Caller Id shown verify. Calle three times in one hour. Verifying 4 digit pass code for what? Called back busy signal. Jerk.

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    David on 2028211805


    2020-07-02 00:28

    My phone service provider blocked it since it was identified as Spam

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Rubben R on 3468002235


    2020-04-22 23:10

    Non delivery Scamm

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    None on 9852758763


    2020-10-07 14:43

    Don't give them your personal info.

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    P G Mack on 6232546913


    2020-10-23 17:03

    Text from unknown person, won't respond to who is this, wants to buy my home

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Dont know them on 8445390189


    2020-10-29 19:13

    I received an email from them saying i sent them this wow fig like close to $46.000 dollars an that i did not say for what and they gave this number 1 844 539 0189 to call by or w in 7 days to dispute this im like who is this i google their name the real shop which is some antique online store or something like that i dont shop on line i have no money like that to puchase anything an i never heard of the real shop im praying its not a identity theft thing i dont want to call the number cause i dont know if they can do anything thru u just calling them! But i certainly did not send them a penny an just wondering who i should notify or just dont worry about it thinking they just trying to get u to call to get y number i did google the numb an pople posted problem w this number as scam for something else an it dont seem as the number is connected to ? The real shop like others on here in email they had just my 1st name and email only but wondering what anyone else is doing about this if u git this as well from dont know them an concerned! Somehow they got my 1st name an email butt it was not from me! What do we do? Anyone?

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Michael Bishop on 7813837162


    2020-06-12 13:18

    Robo - caller . . . . .

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Garcia g on 8182531205


    2020-05-05 20:38

    They called me with a scam

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