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You're looking at a phone number 9168830282 from California. You can find this number in different formats, for example: +19168830282, (916) 883-0282, +1 916-883-0282. The type of this number is Fixed line or mobile and it comes from the +1-916-*** area code. No one has rated this phone number yet. You may be the first person to rate this phone number. If this number called you, you can rate it using one of 6 options: fraud, robocall, telemarketing, market research, opinion poll or safe. By evaluating the number you can warn others of possible danger or ensure that the number they are going to pick up is safe.

Owner information


Context Value
Number type Fixed line or mobile
Carrier Unknown
Country Code US
Location California
Time Zones America - Los Angeles
E164 format +19168830282
National format (916) 883-0282
Without country code prefix 9168830282
International format +1 916-883-0282
RFC3966 format +1 916-883-0282

Views report

This chart shows the activity on the number +19168830282 page over the last 30 days. Increased traffic on the site may suggest that the phone owner is contacting many people who do not know the origin of the phone. This may indicate bad intentions of the number owner.

Country codes

Country Format
United States flag
United States
1 (916) 883-0282
United Kingdom flag
United Kingdom
00 1 916-883-0282
Canada flag
1 (916) 883-0282
Mexico flag
00 1 916-883-0282
Germany flag
00 1 916-883-0282
Brazil flag
+1 916-883-0282
Russia flag
810 1 916-883-0282
China flag
00 1 916-883-0282
Australia flag
0011 1 916-883-0282


Origin country: United States

This map shows the country of origin from which the phone number +19168830282 comes from.

Views origin

On this map you can see the locations from which users visiting the phone number page come from. It allows you to find out where the users who are contacted by the number 9168830282 are located.


In this report you can see how many people and which category have rated the phone number 9168830282. By hovering the cursor over a particular bar you can see the exact number of votes voted for the category. With this information you can better understand in what matter the phone owner contacts the people he is calling.

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  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Margo on 9104062457


    2020-08-28 15:31

    i am getting calls on my cell phone from this number - no messages left?

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Sherry on 9188203089


    2020-10-12 18:16

    Called saying a collection agency

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Kevin on 5302966997


    2020-04-27 21:55

    Scamming Harassment Call! VERY BAD!

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Syed Sobhan on 8553903753


    2020-07-29 01:55

    This appears to be a marketing call, if not a scam. This on a pink notice card with bulk postage paid and mailed as Motor vehicle service notification with **immediate response required**. I did not call, of course !

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Mr. Martinez on 3252164676


    2020-05-26 02:56

    This is a nuisance caller and refuses to quit calling. My elderly relative is getting nervous with so many calls. Please make him stop.

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Bob Johnson on 8884052096


    2020-08-24 17:10

    This was a scam call. They try to get your info to scam you out of your money.

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Elisa on 3479707789


    2020-09-25 01:53

    Same as the other comment. Messaged me wanting to use a cashier check to order Mary Kay products for her daughter’s wedding

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Chris on 8882420754


    2020-10-30 17:09

    Found in an email as a PayPal scam. Left this number to call and used some kids college school email as a sender. Not cool! Reporting to all I find, even the college.

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Jaye on 8336370169


    2020-09-23 22:30

    I've been getting random calls from these people saying I have some civil complaint. They give me a case number but no other information. If I call, I always have to leave a voicemail but then they call again and say they can't give info about the case over the phone. There's been a lot of scams with this same number when I Google it and thought I'd add it here for others to know about. It's becoming a real pain in the butt for sure! I wish there was something we could do about these spam /fraud calls. The scare tactics won't work in getting me to believe I have someone after me when I know that's not the case. I hope this helps put someone elses mind at ease in letting them know they're not alone in getting calls from all kinds of numbers and being asked to call this 0169 number back by the end of business day or "they'll be forced to send the case to "your jurisdiction". It's a bunch of bull.

  • phone.components.comments.avatar_image_of_user

    Cmo on 6232545911


    2020-09-11 03:18

    Robo Caller. Do not answer

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